Sunday, November 30, 2008

8 milk teeth

This video was taken this afternoon at mum-in-law's place. Royal Highness is enjoying munching on her favourite fruit - apple. Although, apple may not really be her favourite fruit since she does not get to eat many types of fruits as we always offer her apples. No particular reasons, just that apples are the commonest fruit we find at home and at both grandma's house. I guess its also got to do with the fact that the only fruit Royal Highness can identify and say is "apple". So naturally, we all think she must love apple.

Anyway, back to the subject...teeth. Royal Highness only started sprouting her first 2 milk teeth when she was 8 months old. I believe she is considered late in her teething as most of her peers already had at least 4 teeth when they reached 8 months old. Due to her late teething, I have always been careful in the type of food we give her for fear she is unable to bite or chew them. Surprisingly, she has been able to handle most of her solids well including biscuits. By the time she was 12months, she was eating rice, meat and some chunks of apple with only 4 teeth (2 front & 2 bottom).

Now armed with 8 tiny teeth, she can sink her teeth into a full-sized apple on her own at last! I am so excited to see more pearlies sprouting. But that also means its time to get serious with brushing. Not forgetting more pain when she decides to give me a bite when breastfeeding her too! Ouch!


Anonymous said...

Faith is so gd at chewing.
my little missy has 7 teeth, duno why, the more teeth she has, the lazier she is. haha..only her fav biscuits make her chew.

So Blessed! said...

Haha...thats because Faith is a greedy little girl! The only time she rejected food was when she fell sick, otherwise she'll be munching and munching non-stop as my MIL will keep offering her food.

Ryann de mummie said...

faith is not late bloomer i am sure as her boyfriend only got 2 teeth till now and his 2 front teeth are still not showing yet..
the 2 teeth by the side on top are showing thou... Adnormal growth i call it. =p

BT Mum said...

faith is so clever! she can hold and eat her apple.

ben only has 6 teeth so far. think he has the fewest teeth here? *sighs*

So Blessed! said...

Oops...Ok so it seems like Faith with 8 teeth is considered average development hor?

Phoebe, dun worry she can help her boyfriend chew the food mah :)