Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What an amazing brain you have!

Almost everyday, Royal Highness will suprise us with her developments. Just like a few posts ago, where I uploaded a video of her trying to open the gate. This morning, she did something which I never expected her to be capable of at this age. Once again, she showed me how amazingly God has created the human brain.

What happened this morning was that I was getting ready for work as usual and Royal Highness started fiddling with my makeup pouch and found my hairclip. She took the hairclip in one hand, the pouch in the other and walked out of my room. Shortly after I was ready to leave the house for work and was expecting to see my pouch and hairclip lying on the living room floor. But I only saw my pouch on the floor near my bedroom door and Royal Highness was flipping her story book in another corner. Immediately I said: "Baby where did you take mummy's clip to? Can you find the clip and give it to mummy?"

I was not expecting any respond from her at all but she stood up and started pointing in the direction of our 2nd bedroom. I was excited and thought to myself, did she really understood what I just said? So I said again: "Where is it? Can you go and bring it to mummy?" This time, Royal Highness turned around and walked into the 2nd bedroom. She then emerged holding out her hand which held the hairclip and walked back towards me!

Oh my God! She is so clever! I cannot believe that a 14 month old can remember where exactly she had left an object and is able to retrieve the object. This tiny brain of hers is just simply amazing! I am so proud of her.

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