Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy but sick 18

Today is 24 March 2009. Royal Highness is officially 18 months! Again I am having mixed feelings...so happy and proud with this little girl's growth and yet a little sad shes no longer my little baby.

It was suppose to be a celebration for her 18th month tonight with a nice dinner out but sadly, Royal Highness is down with fever. She started running a fever in the middle of last night while we were all in slumberland. Before that she has started developing a cough and running nose so we took her to the GP in the evening. Did not expect her to run a fever too, and a high one at 38.9 degrees!

My dear girl is feverish and has blocked nose which made it difficult for her to sleep. Thank God she managed to take a 3 hour nap just now. Shes still her usual talkative and cheeky self despite being sick, thats the most amazing thing about her. I hope her fever will break tonight and we can bring her for a belated 18 month celebration tomorrow.

Monday, March 9, 2009


ELMO. This four-lettered word has become Royal Highness favourite. She is in fact obsessed with ELMO! All these started when I bought her a $1 Sesame Street colouring book from a book stall in Suntec. Never did I imagine the seemingly cheap and simple book could lead to such an obsession.
At first, Royal Highness was not thrilled with the book as she was not a fan of Sesame Street. I had bought a Sesame Street vcd before but she was not really interested. Then one day, I decided to tell her a "story" using the black n white images in the colouring book. From then on, she was hooked! The moment she comes home from school, the first thing she search for is ELMO and will insist on me reading the colouring book! She will also insist on holding onto the book at all times! You cannot take it away from her or else you will have to deal with a very upset toddler. We have had to let her bring the book to school otherwise we can't get her to leave the house!

Since the start of this relationship with ELMO, Royal Highness has also been introduced to ERNIE. Yesterday, she "adopted" a small ERNIE figurine which was one of my Mcdonald collectible years ago. Last night, she refused to shower as she didn't want to let go of ERNIE. This morning, she grabbed ERNIE the moment she found him on my dining table and showered him with kisses. As expected, she wouldn't let go of ERNIE and also her ELMO colouring book which she was holding in the other hand when we wanted to leave the house. So no choice, I wrestled it from her and took off with a crying toddler.

What a love hate relationship this is!