Saturday, June 27, 2009

Signature Smile

These days Royal Highness will flash her signature smile whenever we take picture of her. Say "smile" and she will give you this look... Its so hard to take a proper picture of her like the one in the photo frame shes holding above. That photo was taken by her childcare teacher and she did up the frame for Royal Highness. She was so excited about this gift from her teacher and wouldn't let go of it. She will go "Aiyoh!" now when she sees the frame or any of her pictures and videos. Thanks to me because she picked up the word "Aiyoh" from me! Sounds so auntie but very cute too.

Yesterday was her last day at Learning Vision. Although she doesn't know what is happening, all her teachers were sad and couldn't bear to see her leave. When we picked her up last evening, her class teacher was waiting for us with a file containing all the records of her learning and work. Her teacher also made a special DVD for Royal Highness containing a photo montage of her in school. At that moment, I felt my heart wrench...her class teacher really adores her and will miss her terribly. Royal Highness will definitely miss her and all her classmates too. We left with a bag of presents after Royal Highness hugged and kissed her teacher for the last time. The teachers from her infantcare and also her chinese teacher bought her farewell presents too.

See...still giving her signature smile when I took pictures of her with her farewell presents last night. Next Monday will be the start of a new chapter in her life, I pray that she will grow to love her new teachers and classmates. And they will love her just as much too.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sick sick AGAIN!!!

In my last post, a fellow mummy friend commented that Royal Highness has grown chubby. That was true 2 weeks ago...she was weighing 12.6kg. Now, shes down to 12kg after another week of battling with the stupid virus! She caught some stupid virus from childcare again and came home last Thursday feverish. The next day started having bouts of diarrhoea and this actually continued for 5 days. As if this wasn't serious enough, she developed cough and running nose on last Sunday.

The whole ordeal has left me and daddy very very very SICK and TIRED of her falling ill because of going to childcare. Definitely not going to regret pulling her out now. Best is she passed the bug to me and I vomitted at least 4 times in a row.

Oh and I forgot to mention, she had a fall in childcare AGAIN! Apparently her teacher said she was too excited over drawing that she fell from the table. She had a swollen cheek and bruise as a result.

Monday, June 1, 2009


I am so behind in keeping this blog updated...feel so bad about it as this was supposed to be my online diary to record Royal Highness's growth and milestones. Today I finally found myself having spare time to upload recent pics of her to facebook but the website failed me! Tried 4 times and the error message still reads "Upload failed". Argh!!!

Shall have to try again later, now to quickly post some new developments:

  1. Royal Highness started wearing school uniform 2 weeks ago. She looked so adorable in the slightly oversized uniform!

  2. The irony is that we have finally decided to transfer her out of her current school. So she'll be wearing this set of uniform till end of June only.

  3. She has developed a very very keen interest in drawing. She will come up to me and tell me "draw, draw" almost immediately after she wakes up in the morning!
We started scouting for new childcare last week and have now decided to enroll her into good old My First Skool or NTUC Childcare as it was known for many many years. The location is now going to be further from our home. But the school fees is half of what I am paying now! Plus the principal is a very nice lady and I totally trust that herself and the teachers there will do a great job. It was not an easy decision to make, afterall Royal Highness has been in her current childcare for over 1 year. She knows all the teachers there and they love her too. But as parents, daddy and I feel that they have disappointed us many times in the way they handle things. Since we are not getting premium even though we are paying premium, we decided to switch.

Hope this new centre will be a wise choice. Most importantly, Royal Highness must enjoy going there and she will be well taken care of.