Friday, January 30, 2009

CNY 2008 vs 2009

CNY 2008 - 5 months old

CNY 2009 - 16 months old
This is the 2nd year Royal Highness is celebrating CNY. So much has happened in 1 year that I almost cannot believe that my little baby girl is now a little girl. When we went visiting on CNY, we were reminded of last year when she was only a 5 month old baby and could not do much except lying on her tummy.
This year, she is able to greet everyone with her Gong Xi Gong Xi hand signal and also receive the angpaos herself. The best part is that she has become a little junkie over the CNY. She is in love with new year goodies and especially love letters!

Monday, January 26, 2009

We are in Mother & Baby's Feb 09 issue!

So happy to finally see our interview published on the Feb's issue of Mother & Baby! An old friend of ours happen to be writing articles for M&B and he approached us for their Fab Dad section's interview last Dec. This article shall be a wonderful keepsake for Royal Highness when she grows up.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Swinging Good Time

Had always wanted to put Royal Highness on a swing. The opportunity came last Sunday when Daddy had to meet a client at Mcdonalds in AMK. There was a park with playground and they had swings for toddlers! Royal Highness loved the swinging so much that she kept saying "woah! woah!woah!".

I remember I used to love going to the playground as a kid and the swing was my favourite too. In our land sparse Singapore, there seems to be fewer & fewer of such playgrounds for children to enjoy. Now we only see a tiny space in HDB estates dedicated to building children playground and the facilities are not very exciting...just a couple of ride-ons and no sand! If you are lucky, you can find slides but definitely rare to see swings or seesaws.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sweet Lil' Baby

I love watching Royal Highness when shes asleep. Her sweet little face is even more angelic when shes peacefully in dreamland. It makes me feel like kissing her, hugging her and many times I can't help caressing her face and smelling her hair. I'm sure most mummies behave the same as we can never have enough of our babies.

Royal Highness is not only melting my heart when shes sleeping...these days her favourite word is "Ma Mee" which is her way of calling me! She calls out "ma mee" to me all the time and the word just sound so sweet, it makes me melt. Hearing her call mummy is the best reward I can get and my efforts in breastfeeding her is all worth it!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ist working day in 2009

Todays the first working day of a brand new year. Somehow I don't feel any different from last year when I woke up this morning. Still dreading the pile of work waiting for me in the office...but thats life, no work no $.

Anyway to keep my spirits up till 6pm today, I am going to post some cute pictures of Royal Highness. Actually was intending to post something on the new year countdown but it did not turn out to be very eventful. In fact, Royal Highness slept through the journey from Clarke Quay MRT till exactly 12 midnight when the fireworks went off. She woke up due to the noise from the cheering crowd at Boat Quay and managed to catch the fireworks.

My new year's wish is for Royal Highness to be healthy and more obedient! She is getting real good at throwing tantrums these days. The terrible 2 is really approaching! Argh!

Look how "Cool" my sunglasses are!