Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sweet Lil' Baby

I love watching Royal Highness when shes asleep. Her sweet little face is even more angelic when shes peacefully in dreamland. It makes me feel like kissing her, hugging her and many times I can't help caressing her face and smelling her hair. I'm sure most mummies behave the same as we can never have enough of our babies.

Royal Highness is not only melting my heart when shes sleeping...these days her favourite word is "Ma Mee" which is her way of calling me! She calls out "ma mee" to me all the time and the word just sound so sweet, it makes me melt. Hearing her call mummy is the best reward I can get and my efforts in breastfeeding her is all worth it!


Edison's Mum said...

I love Faith too... she is so pretty and sweet.. whenever I see her pictures, they melt my heart... :)

So Blessed! said...

:)our babies every little action melts our hearts. I miss your little handsome prince, he is a sweet pea too!