Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy but sick 18

Today is 24 March 2009. Royal Highness is officially 18 months! Again I am having mixed feelings...so happy and proud with this little girl's growth and yet a little sad shes no longer my little baby.

It was suppose to be a celebration for her 18th month tonight with a nice dinner out but sadly, Royal Highness is down with fever. She started running a fever in the middle of last night while we were all in slumberland. Before that she has started developing a cough and running nose so we took her to the GP in the evening. Did not expect her to run a fever too, and a high one at 38.9 degrees!

My dear girl is feverish and has blocked nose which made it difficult for her to sleep. Thank God she managed to take a 3 hour nap just now. Shes still her usual talkative and cheeky self despite being sick, thats the most amazing thing about her. I hope her fever will break tonight and we can bring her for a belated 18 month celebration tomorrow.

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