Sunday, April 19, 2009

Like mother like daughter

Recently I can't help but tell myself and daddy how much Royal Highness is like me. I am not talking about physical similarities. In fact, its rare to get comments that she looks like me. From the moment she was born, friends, relatives and even strangers would tell us how much she takes after daddy. I am ok with that, as I can proudly declare that Royal Highness shares my likes & dislikes in life!

You may be thinking, isn't it a little too young for her to say for sure what are her likes & dislikes? Ah huh! Thats what I thought too but this little tod has such a strong opinion and character (which by the way is inherited from daddy again) that she will insist and persist on her demands till we give in!

So back to the point on how I am assured that Royal Highness is truly my daughter. These are salient findings from my observation:
  1. Loves to eat french fries, chicken wings, fishball, braised egg (lu tan)

  2. Picky on food

  3. Keen interest in reading

  4. Musically inclined - loves song & dance and is able to sing along to nursery rhymes

  5. Hello Kitty fan (although Elmo seems to rank higher these days)

  6. Shoe & bag fanatic - her fav section in shopping malls is shoe & bag dept

As she grows older, I'm sure I will have more to add to the list. Its not surprising since she spent 9 months inside me while I indulged in all my favorite food and hobbies!

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