Friday, December 26, 2008

Grow, grow, grow

The last time Royal Highness had her vaccination was when shes 6 months old. She was due for her last dose of prevenar at 12 months, followed by chicken pox at 13 months, MMR at 15 months and lastly booster at 18 months. We had been procastinating her 12 months jab as she was falling ill every other week since her HFMD episode which happened just 1 week before her 1 year old birthday.

Finally, we took her to the pd clinic for her long overdue prevenar on christmas eve. Poor girl, had to suffer a jab in her left thigh early in the morning on christmas eve. But it was the only day I could make an appointment for and definitely do not want to delay it any further. It so happens that on 24 Dec, Royal Highness also turns 15 months! What a way to celebrate huh? But don't worry, Royal Highness is very hardy...she cried for only 1 or 2 mins after the jab. We made sure to make it up to her by offering her biscuits and a breastfeeding "buffet"afterwards.

So Royal Highness is now 15 months and 2 days old, she now weighs 11kg and is 80cm tall.

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