Thursday, December 18, 2008

New Stroller

Finally upgraded Royal Highness from her combi pram to a new stroller after months of deliberation and comparison. Don't get me wrong, we didn't spend a bomb on the new stroller (although I wouldn't mind if I had the money) as we just paid below $200 for this new one. I just wanted a more roomy and sturdy stroller that can see Royal Highness through the next few years.

We loved her combi pram lots as it was super lightweight with one-hand folding mechanism and we bought it when I was in my 2nd trimester during BHG sale at below market price. It has served us very well for the last 14 months. When Royal Highness started growing and growing, we found the pram space getting tighter and tighter. Apparently combi being a jap brand is designed for asian babies who are thought to be smaller-sized but Royal Highness happens to be on the bigger side with mum & dad. Also the lightweight feature meant that the wheels are much smaller and we could feel the frame starting to "protest" at the weight of our growing baby.

Thus I started on a new stroller hunt a few months back. Couldn't bear to part with more money despite good reviews & recommendations for popular models like maclaren or high-end bugaboo bees... Finally found this at Mothercare. A new model with similar features to maclaren but a more budget version. So far have tested it 3 times and would give my thumbs up for its performance!

Royal Highness is also happy with her new seat as she can now stretch out her legs on long road trips.

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