Sunday, December 28, 2008

Kids Kampung

Posing with ducks.

Looking out the window of the mini kampung hut.

Enjoying herself in the mini kampung hut.

Yesterday we brought Royal Highness to Pasir Ris Farmway 1, Aqua Fauna Centre to visit the Kids Kampung. The place is designed for kids to experience the Kampung way of fun with activities like longkang fishing, feeding of fishes, ducks, chickens, goose, rabbits, tortoises and birds.

Unfortunately the weather was too warm for Royal Highness. She started to fuss after 15 mins as she started feeling uncomfortable in the hot weather. As a result, she refused to walk about and insisted on being carried. The only animals that caught her interest were the ducks as she kept saying "duck".

Overall I would rate the place only 5/10. The place is actually quite small and we had to pay $1 per head to get into the "Feeding Zone" where we each got 1 pack of feed. The animals were all caged up so there is no chance for kids to get up-close interaction. If the kids are older then at least they can try longkang fishing at $4 but for toddlers, there really isn't much activity for them except feeding fishes.

The next place on our list to visit will be the new Kids Rainforest at the zoo. Hopefully it will be a much better place for Royal Highness to see and touch animals.

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