Monday, December 15, 2008

My over active girl

Didn't realise its been 2 weeks since my last post. I had been busy in the office rushing to complete the planning for 2009 and at the same time I attended 2 weddings in 1 week! Theres lots to update on Royal Highness as well, this girl is so active that I get tired just from watching her...

We like to bring her to the playground after dinner on evenings when it seems unlikely she'll fall into dreamland early. The idea is to tire her out by letting her use up her tonnes of energy. This usually work very well as she gets so hyped up at the playground that by the time she went home, she'll K.O after her bath. Heres a video of her at the playground.


Then one saturday while we were busy doing housechores, Royal Highness did this...


There are more outrageous stuns she had tried but unfortunately I was not in time to capture them. Daddy made the prediction that she'll fall and knock off one of her tiny teeth soon if she keeps up with her hyper-activeness. By the way shes starting to run, so I guess this prediction may really come true!

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Sin Yee said...

gosh, that looks terribly dangerous.