Friday, November 21, 2008

Sick Baby...

Last night was yet another visit to the GP's clinic. Royal Highness has been done with some type of virus attack every other week ever since she was diagnosed with HFMD a couple of months ago. This time round, she had very bad cough and diarrhoea. The GP prescribed 5 different medication.

Royal Highness has a phobia of taking medicine and its always a struggle to feed her. Imagine 5 syringes of medication I need to shoot down her throat while holding her down with both legs and 1 hand! It was such a traumatic experience for her that she wailed non stop which aggravated her cough and caused her to vomit again. Seeing her suffer like that, my heart aches...I couldn't bear to force her to take anymore medication so I let her drift to sleep while I nursed her.

Royal Highness has been totally breastfed from birth right till 8 months old, after which she is still on partial breastfeeding with only 1 supplement of formula milk. Till today, she is turning 14 months in a few days, I am still breastfeeding her. I had told Daddy that I was so tempted to wean her off totally. With her falling sick so frequently, Daddy actually hope I can breastfeed her as long as possible. It is said that breastfed babies have a better immune system and should fall ill last than non-breastfed babies. I certainly hope Royal Highness is benefiting from my breastmilk. Maybe if I did not breastfeed her, she would have been falling sick more often and more severely... So weaning her off is definitely not my priority now.

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