Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jacob Ballas Childrens Garden Carnival

Last Sunday, we brought Royal Highness to Jacob Ballas Childrens Garden at 9am. Yes, we were there at 9am...not because we were so eager to go to the garden but because I had to report for work at 9am. My organisation was participating in the Carnival with a stall selling children's arts & craft items. As a result, I had to be there early to setup shop and Daddy wanted to practice his photography skills so Royal Highness had to tag along with us.

I thought we were going to be the only crazy parents to be bringing their children there so early but it turned out that many parents actually decided to be early birds too. We saw many arriving at the garden even before us with children, babies in strollers and maid in tow. I guess its really a norm for parents with young children to wake up early even on weekends! I never got to sleep past 8am even on weekends ever since Royal Highness came along.

And so the morning started with families arriving and greeted with bubbles in the air at the carpark. Royal Highness enjoyed chasing the bubbles and walking round the carnival stalls, touching everything she can reach. By noon, she was so tired and sweaty that she fell asleep for 2 hours in her stroller. Yet, till then we have not even brought her into the garden as I was still busy at the stall which was at the carpark.

Finally at 3pm, after feeding Royal Highness with the hotdog bun bought from the Hard Rock Cafe stall we stepped into the garden. This was actually the second time Royal Highness has been to the garden. The first time she enjoyed walking around the place but was scared when we took her to the water play area. The huge jets of water was terrifying to her and kept wanting me to carry her.

With the last experience, I decided to let her just stay at the area where the low water jets are. It worked, she had a great time feeling the water jets with her hands. But as the weather was simply too hot, she started fussing after 15 mins and we took her out. Royal Highness gets very cranky when she feels hot and she perspires very easily. The next time I will only let her play when theres no sun, probably in the early morning or early evening. Hopefully she will do better than 15 mins on her third visit.

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