Monday, November 3, 2008

my 1st post

I am typing this with a certain nervousness...I have never been good with words and often find myself searching for the right words to express myself. Setting up this blog is definitely a huge challenge I am giving myself.

So why the challenge? Well...although the blogging nation has long since created a huge wave on the internet, I have never been attracted to it. I guess things changed and so do people. After reading many blogs by fellow mummies who diligently recorded their darlings growth and milestones, I find myself inspired.

Is it a little late to start now? Afterall, my daughter whom we call Royal Highness is already 13 months old now! I believe its never too late or too much to tell someone how much you love her and I will continue declaring my love for my Royal Highness through this blog. I hope to document all the wonderful times we have together so that we can all laugh over these fond memories when she is all grown up.

There you have it, my first post and more to come.

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Sin Yee said...

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