Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Bikini

Royal Highness got her 4th piece of swimwear last week. Yup, I couldn't resist buying another cute little bikini for her. Her swimwear collection so far consists of a 1 piece swimming suit, a bikini, and a therma suit. This is her 2nd bikini and since she grows so fast, I'm sure she'll outgrow this soon. Then its time for her 3rd bikini and 4th piece of swimwear. I can't wait cos I had to take awhile to decide on which one to buy last week. All of them look so tiny and cute! I wished I could buy all of them. Well, since I can't fit into any bikini anymore... after birth stretch marks just don't go well with a sexy bikini. So I guess I can only fulfill my itsy bitsy bikini dream on Royal Highness!

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