Monday, November 24, 2008

14 months Today!

Today is 24 Nov, Royal Highness is now a 14 month old toddler! Ah...time flies, I've been saying this so often ever since Royal Highness was born. Its simply amazing how a tiny infant weighing 3.5kg is now a bubbly, active, little girl. From just lying around all day on her back to slowly learning to flip on her tummy, sitting on her own, crawling on all fours, standing with support, walking independently and now attempting to climb and run! Royal Highness went through all these development in just 14 months of her life.

Besides physical growth, Royal Highness has also started to show that she is a girl with her own mind. She now knows what she likes, what she does not like and can shake her head and say "no". She is also capable of throwing tantrums in public places now if she is unhappy! Just yesterday, we brought her to Bookfest. She is a book lover and so she was terribly excited to see all the books everywhere. When we had to leave, she refused to go and insisted on staying behind by swaying her whole body, shaking her head and eventually lying on the floor kicking her legs! All these was of course accompanied by cries which became screams.

I know I am making her sound like a little terror, my friends said that Royal Highness is beginning to show symptoms of the Terrible 2. Ok, to be fair I must say Royal Highness is still a sweet and lovely girl most of the time. In fact, all the teachers in her infantcare adore her and confered her the title of Xiao Mei Nu. Most people we met said she looks like Daddy as she inherited his big eyes and long lashes. So I'm not complaining, as long as she gets the good looks in the family.

I started taking stock of Royal Highness developments last night after she surprised me with a new skill yesterday. She saw me unlocking my gate in the afternoon, we usually do not lock the gate so it was an exception yesterday. To my surprise, she found my keys later in the evening and immediately she walked towards the gate. I thought to myself, she can't be trying to open the gate as I did not teach her and she only saw it once. Guess I was wrong, she could remember how I did it and had learn to imitate my actions just by watching me once!

This experience really reinforces the idea that children see, children do. They are so observant and picks up alot of skills on their own. Look like we really have to be mindful of our language and behavior in front of Royal Highness all the time.


Anonymous said...

Happy 14th month old to Faith!!
Can see she lost weight... so heartpain. Is she better now?

BT Mum said...

Happy belated birthday to Faith. She is really a xiao mei nu! =D Agreed that we have to watch our behaviours and words very carefully. Ben also loves to open doors! kakakaka

So Blessed! said...

Thanks for the well wishes! She is almost fully recovered, shes also started to eat again. She really lost weight, no more baby fats...but as long as shes well, I will slowly fatten her! Haha!