Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Little Adult

Tiny Stroller for the Little Adult

Royal Highness is almost 100% recovered from her cough. Phew! Finally the nightmare of feeding her medication is over. She has regained her appetite as well, back to her usual greedy self. Last night, she ate rice from my dinner plate and shortly ate her favourite baby bites biscuit as snack. I am quite sure at the rate shes eating now, it won't be long before she gain back all her baby fats!

Shes back to her old cheerful, curious, chirpy self. I was so glad to see her enjoying herself at my mum's place 2 days ago. My mum bought her a tiny stroller with a doll a few months back, but Royal Highness was afraid of the doll. Everytime we visit my mum, she'll only push the stroller without the doll in it. Guess shes managed to overcome her fear at last and will not only push the doll in the stroller but will also carry the doll when we ask her to.

She looks just like a little mummy bringing her baby for a walk. much like a little adult. Well, this little adult can now do these:

  • Say "no more" accompanied by hand signal
  • Say "no, no" accompanied by waving index finger
  • Say "bye,bye" accompanied by waving her hand
  • Say "apple, milk, ball, star"
  • Say "woh, woh" when she sees a dog
  • Kiss you accompanied with sound effects "muah" when you ask for a kiss
  • Point to her nose when asked "where is your nose?"
  • Point to her head when asked "where is your head?"
  • Nod her head when asked "is it nice?" after she eats something
  • Nod her head for Yes, shake her head for No
  • Walk towards me with arms wide open when I say "bao, bao"

There might be more which I cannot recall at the moment but these are the little things she does which makes me feel so proud of her. Pretty soon she will grow so fast that I cannot list all of them down in time. Good job, my baby. Keep it up!

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