Saturday, July 11, 2009

Why do they grow so fast?

From an infant to a little a blink of the eye. Everyday she learns something new, acquires new skills, speak a new word, try new food and the list just goes on. In another 2 months, Royal Highness will be 2! Must say that I am very proud of myself and daddy of course for doing decent job in raising Royal Highness for the last 20 + months. It was not easy, oh no, definitely not simple...from struggling with breastfeeding, bathing her and battling with waking up in the night to stressing over her falling sick, dealing with her tantrums and teaching her has been a journey.

I looked back at her photos and was surprised to find that even her look has changed. She is beautiful then, now and will forever be in my eyes. There are times when I wish shes still a baby that needs to held in my arms especially at times when she is over active. But I really miss the cuddly little baby so much that I secretly hope time will stand still and stop her from growing up. Children do grow very fast, its simply amazing. Thoughts of having a second baby have surfaced many times. I know I want to experience pregnancy and childbirth again for sure, but I just don't know when it will happen.

For now I just enjoy watching Royal Highness play grown-up with her stuffed toys. She will cook and feed them. She also knows when they made a poo poo and will change their diapers! Haha...and all these actions and the words she uses are inmitated from me! Oh my, so thats how I sound like when I ask her to change her diapers or sit properly in her chair...what revelations I get by watching her play.

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