Thursday, July 16, 2009

Expensive Haircut

Royal Highness had her first haircut by a professional 'hairstylist' on Tuesday. I couldn't stand the way she rubs her eye due to her growing fringe anymore. So I told daddy that we need to get her a proper haircut. Since she was born, she only had less than 3 haircuts...1st time we shaved her head after she turned 1 month old. Thereafter her hair sprouted very very very slowly until she was over a 1 year old then we saw the need to trim her hair. This was done by my mum mostly in DIY fashion.

So for the first time we brought her to Junior League hoping she can get a nicely shaped hairstyle instead of the 'bowl' which she usually gets from my mum's hairstyling skill. It turned out well and she enjoyed the process while watching Barney and playing with sweets. At the end she got her reward - a Mickey Mouse sticker, sweets and balloon.

The price paid for a less than 10 mins job was $20! Daddy says I am spoiling her again with such an expensive haircut...its true. I stinge on my own haircut, have not gone into a hair salon for months. But for my princess, anything's worth it. Even though the final look still looks pretty much like a 'bowl'.

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Wiselyn said...


Clara also have her haircut there...Aunt May is the one who cuts her hair...but Clara dun like to have a haircut i need to sit with her so that she allows Aunt May cuts her can see her photo on FB