Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Its really not easy being a working mum

The last time I signed into this blog was in Jan. Everyday has been hectic for me ever since I started work after CNY break. Each day I stepped into the office, I had to work non-stop for 8 hours. I feel mentally & physically drained by 6pm and can't wait to drag myself home. I believe every working mum feels the wish you could just lie in bed with your baby each morning instead of having to jump out of bed to get ready for work.

Honestly, I don't think I would be a good stay home mum. I salute those mums who stay at home and home school their kids. It takes a lot of discipline to follow through on their child's learning. I will probably end up hanging out at malls and playgrounds everyday with Royal Highness if I became a stay home mum.

So my life as a mum who desperately needs to strike a balance in work and family will continue into the future...unless a miracle happens and Daddy's business grows to unimaginable size! Back in the real world, the moment I look forward to each day is when I step into my front door. The sweetest sound on earth is Royal Highness greeting me "MUMMY!" and a huge smile on her face. At that moment, I forget that I am sleep deprived and overworked. Instantly I feel refreshed and energized as I cuddle Royal Highness in my arms.

That is the power of LOVE.

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